Hardwood & Tile Flooring

hardwood floors before and after newtons cleaning tilton illinoisHardwood Floors

Protect your investment!

Hard wood floors become dull and dirty over time just like carpet. Professional hardwood maintenance can dramatically improve the appearance of wood floors and bring back their original luster.

Our process at Newton’s Cleaning removes the toughest dirt and residue, both safely and effectively. Commercial strength cleaning agents and innovative equipment lifts away buildup and rejuvenates floors for a fraction of the price it would cost to repair floors that are not professionally maintained.

Tile Flooring

Tile and grout looking a little dingy? We can help! Our cleaning service includes cleaning the faces of the tiles and grout lines and then applying a sealer that will help repel soils and keep your floor looking clean and new.

You may have decided that it only takes a simple broom and mop to keep your tile and grout clean. If this is the case, you have been misinformed. With hard ceramic tile, or any tile with grout as a binder, vinegar based cleaners can corrode and cause your grout and tile to crack.

Instead, bring your tile and grout back to life and make it look new again with our four step process!

At Newton’s Cleaning & Restoration, our four step process includes:

  1. Pre-treat the grout
  2. Scrub the grout with brushes designed to reach the entire surface of the grout
  3. Use a special cleaning head to utilize high pressure, exceptionally hot water to rinse, dissolve, and force the dirt out of the uneven surfaces of the tile and grout
  4. Seal the grout


Once you have had your tile and grout professionally cleaned, the next step is to maintain its beauty. This is so important! We would like to share with you some information that will help you do this.

Sweeping is fine on a regular basis, if you do not plan to mop directly afterward. Mopping after sweeping will only cause the excess dirt trapped by the grout to become sealed into the surface, causing your grout to become dingy. Instead vacuum your tile and grout before you put any water on it.

Only use a neutral floor cleaner when mopping your floor. This means that it should have a pH of 7. Check the label to assure that your product is safe for all tile and grout.

Properly mop your floor utilizing a 24 oz. string mop. Lightly wring the mop making sure that it stays fairly wet. Mop one section at a time, rinsing the mop periodically as it picks up cleaning solution and debris. After every other rinse, refill your bucket with clean water. This will keep you from simply spreading your cleaner around instead of removing it from the surface.

Commonly Ask Questions

Q: Why is it important to have my tile and grout sealed?

A: Sealing your tile and grout is the only way to protect your investment from water-based stains. Sealer prevents a spill from penetrating into the porous surface of the grout giving you time to clean it. That now becomes a simple task. Blot fresh spills with a clean cloth or paper towel. If the spill has gone from liquid to sticky use warm water to help dissolve the surface of the spill and a clean cloth to wipe all of it up.

Q: How does a sealer protect my floor?

A: The penetrating sealer is absorbed by the pores of the tile and grout. It fills the pores so that wet stains cannot get below the surface. This allows soil to simply sit on the surface until it is removed in the cleaning process.

Q: How is sealer applied?

A: First the floor is professionally cleaned and neutralized. Then our certified technician will apply the sealer and allow it to soak into the flooring surface.

Q: Why is it necessary for a professional to apply sealer? Can’t I do it myself?

A: Our professionals have the training, experience, tools and a wide variety of sealers for all types of tile and grout. Professional application ensures complete protection for the entire surface of the floor. Improper sealing can allow moisture and other contaminants to damage the grout and or tile.

Q: What do sealers protect against?

A: A penetrating sealer repels water-based liquids, prevents stains caused by most foods and beverages, and protects the surface from dirt and impurities.

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