Our industrial grade concrete floor coatings are designed to enhance the look of your floor and value of your home, while providing a tough, long lasting and easy to clean surface in your garage or basement.

Paints are inexpensive, they scratch easily and will wear off the floor after a very short time, requiring constant maintenance and re-coating. Coatings come in all kinds of quality levels, starting at the “Do-It-Yourself” grade found at the big box stores to commercial grade products installed by professional coating contractors.

At the top of the scale are two part epoxy coatings. Exceptionally hard and durable, these products are fast drying, low odor, low VOC, available in solid color, color chip design and high gloss clear finish.

s-epoxy-floorA great concrete floor installation doesn’t happen by accident. It takes careful surface preparation. Some companies just sweep your floor before application. Others power wash, acid etch or diamond grind. We use our commercial quality equipment to clean the floor and apply a special primer to bond our coatings to the floor.

An average floor would require approximately one day to prepare and coat. You may walk on the next day and drive on in three days. Optional coats would require an extra day or two.